Terrific.quality computer vision control


Discrete manufacturing

Who need this
  • CEO
  • Quality Control Director \ Manager
Questions and pains
  • Can we reduce manual quality checks?
  • Can we predict quality?
  • How to make continuous quality control instead of sampling inspections?
  • How to get quality measurements faster?
  • How to predict product defects before they happen?
  • How to change equipment parametres to get better product quality?
  • How to identify issues with equipment or product that never happened before?

Terrific.quality allows you to switch from sample inspections to continious quality control, to predict quality beforehand, and even change production parametres beforehand to get the quality you need.

Terrific.quality includes two sybsystems:

  • Computer vision Quality Control - for defects that can be detected visually.
  • Sensor-based Quality Control - for quality measurements that can be made using sensors. 
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