Discrete manufacturing

Who needs this
  • CEO
  • Head of operations
Questions and pains
  • What is the best production plan with my current work centers, technologies, and resources?
  • How to reduce idle time/downtime/work in progress by rearranging job orders or shifts?
  • What is a constraint now?
  • What is the best way to eliminate this constraint?
  • How it will change my efficiency, timing, etc.
  • What will be the next constraint?
  • What equipment to buy or replace?
  • Should I buy the tool X?

Terrific.Productivity operates a digital twin of an entire manufacturing facility, processes, and equipment and provides you the following

  • Production plan optimization
  • OEE\throughput improvement
  • Smart modernization

Optimize production plan

Terrific.Productivity automatically calculates the optimal production schedule. All you need is to provide the system information about your working centers, technology, organization structure, inventories, and sales plans. The system can easily receive this information through integrations with your existing systems (ERP, PLM, CRM, MES, etc).

Increase OEE — overall equipment efficiency

Terrific.Productivity discovers constraints in your production process and gives you suggestions on improvements to multiply the speed of the entire manufacturing throughput.

Plan modernization smart

Predict OEE, throughput, profit, and other outcomes for multiple scenarios

  • changing replacement of equipment items,
  • working with a new supplier,
  • shift to another type of component,
  • robotization of a process,
  • other
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