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Who needs this
  • CEO
  • Head of Innovations
Questions and pains
  • WTF is AI \ quantum computing \ blockchain?
  • Is this technology applicable to our business?
  • Can it provide a significant competitive advantage?
  • What are the main use cases?
  • Do our competitors succeed in these cases? Or anyone in our industry?
  • What do we need to give it a try?

Terrific.Innovation is a web application that helps you to:

  • Identify new technologies.
  • Get hype technologies explained.
  • Optimize production renovation.

New technologies

Terrific.Innovation constantly parses open web resources and parses text in order to identify new technologies that may influence your business. You get regular reports and notifications. You are always aware of all new ideas and potentials.

Hype technologies explained

Terrific.Innovation is also a question answering bot. The AI summarizes distributed knowledge and delivers it right to your workspace. And yes, it constantly learns from new data and humans.

Optimize production renovation

For discrete manufacturers Terrific.Innovation provides a recommendation engine that helps you to plan your production modernization activities. Discovering constraints and predicting outcomes for different scenarios, you can develop your plan based on calculations rather than opinions or hype.

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