Meet the team of scientists with deep industry expertise and tremendous experience in data science on top of that.

Among us are nerds who grew up on AI concepts introduced in the 70s, and who are now closely following trends in every aspect of Data Science, trying out new approaches and methods themselves, rather than simply relying on someone else’s words.

We know the business — our founders have built multiple companies and know precisely what business benefits you expect to get from your R&D initiatives.

We’re hands-on in Data Engineering, Data Infrastructure, and building complex ML/DL systems capable of processing billions of transactions per day in real-time.

We are crazy about data and bring together

13 years of real-time big data solution architecture and development
profound academic background in data science and artificial intelligence
innovation and product design focused on real business needs
13 years
in the data science and engineering market
data engineers and scientists, 11 with PhDs
successful projects, including for Fortune-500 companies
«Agile for AI» methodology
2 month
from idea to PoC


Artemy Malkov, PhD
Chief Executive Monster
More than 10 years of experience in BI, decision making and expert systems.
Experienced Product Manager, Lecturer Author of Product Genome and Customer Flow.
Dan Lesovodski
Partner, Business Development
19 years of IT and business project management. 11 years experience in decision support systems, data warehouses, BI, and modeling. Author of 4 articles, speaker, trainer.
Askhat Urazbaev
Chief Agile Monster
Agile & Organizational Coach with deep hands-on experience with particular focus on applying Agile and Kanban on Data Science projects.
Max Grigorev
Chief Software Architect
Max has designed and built large distributed data systems at Google, Yahoo, Airbnb and multiple startups. He is passionate about algorithms, performance and reliability.
Alexy Khrabrov, PhD
Leader of the Scala Community, organizer of Scale by the Bay conference in California.
Jacob Odersky
Long-time Scala user and Spark contributor, taking it to the next level
Ilya Krasinsky
Chief Product Metrics Monster
Helped over 500 companies to measure, interpret, and improve their marketing and product metrics.
Nik Spirin, PhD
Chief Data Scientist
PhD in Computer Science from UIUC with over 10 years of experience doing data science and machine learning with the particular focus on text mining, search and recommendation systems.
Svitlana Rahimova
PR & Content Marketing Strategy Monster
19 years in tech-journalism, 5 professional awards, 10 years of business-consulting.
Valeri Voskresenskaya
Marketing Communications Monster
13+ experience in IT and corporate. Skilled in marketing communications solutions, media relations and branding.
Denis Deis
Chief Project Officer
3 years of Data Science and 7 years of IT project management. Passionate about challenging problems and state of the art application architecture.

Data Monsters never sleep. We are located in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Kharkiv, Moscow, Tomsk and Tokyo.