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We add value in every stage of your AI project


Ideation Workshop

Let’s figure out together, what realistic benefits AI can bring to your company. We 're watching the best practices in your industry, and know where ML is working, where you need a different solution.

Do you have data but no ideas about what to do with it?

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We run POC by the “Agile for AI” approach — our proprietary methodology for running data science projects which are different from traditional software development. We will lead you through the stages, which include data understanding, hypothesis building, experimentation, evaluation, engineering, and deployment.

  • Good data — the core factor of the success of your AI project. We audit your data, collect, extract and prepare for analysis. We've all kinds of scientists with deep industry expertise. We know where and how data can bring value to your company. ETL pipelines automation on us.
  • We work with all the platforms and frameworks and choose the best solution for our client.
  • Your future AI product will be ready faster if you choose Terrific AI — a deployment-ready solution with built-in modules for many business-tasks and verticals.


  • You can order customized AI development

Want to start your PoC or fix the existing algorithm now?

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We build MVP to test how end-users interact with a prototype of the future product. And to make sure that the developed algorithms work with real data as expected and bring value to your business.

  • The stage of productization is very important. It's not enough to have a proofed hypothesis. You need a full developed and deployed business system to get all the benefits from your AI algorithms.

    We’re hands-on in Data Engineering, Data Infrastructure, and building complex ML/DL systems capable of processing billions of transactions per day in real-time.

    We project the system architecture with all the requirements and do all the necessary integration with other business systems.
  • As a result, you will get real-time intelligent software — a product with the infrastructure, proper tech documentation, user-friendly interface, high performance, smooth ETL pipelines, ML microservices, built-in BI tools, dashboards, and data visualization.

We will help to deploy the complete AI solution through all your offices.

Let's make the first step to your beneficial AI product

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